Services we offer

C&I design

We offer Control and Instrumentation design with electrical part of power supply of control system.

PLC programming

We can program all kinds of plc controllers using languages ​​in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

HMI applications

We create human machine interfaces, which are presenting plc process values in accessible way.

SCADA applications

We offer applications of a preset functionality with focus on end user comfort and process data safety.


We are experienced in commissioning pneumatics, electrics, electrical drives, vision systems cooperating with plc control systems.

Service support

After successful commissioning we provide customer training and service support.


We help to optimize various industrial processes, by using our rich engineering experience.


To assure the high quality customer support we offer the opportunity to assist in the early days of production.


We also provide servicing of control systems, which we are not the authors.